Monday, February 7, 2011

How High To Hang An Owl House

13 facts about Ronald Reagan

  1. Reagan was a boastful, irresponsible ideologue
  2. Ronald Reagan tripled in a short time the national debt
  3. Reagan's economic policies produced stagflation and monetary crises
  4. Reagan lowered taxes for the rich and it increased for the rest
  5. Reagan did all to enlarge the expensive, military-industrial complex
  6. Reagan failed in the control and reduction of the arms race
  7. Reagan's role in dealing with dictatorships, was if anything: negative
  8. Reagan supplied both Iran and Iraq with weapons ...
  9. Reagan lowered the prosperity of his country - the wage median fell
  10. The Reagansche Staatsparadox: While Reagan jazzed to pay the state up, diminishing the utility of the state for citizens
  11. Under Reagan prospered political corruption and elite favored
  12. Reagan often acted protectionism - against the free movement of goods
  13. The effects of "Reaganomics" America burden today
R is eagan by American right-wing extremists, tea party activists, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Social Darwinist libertarians and Republicans almost treated as a deity. Measured by its standards (eg, responsible fiscal policy, declining state loads) they would rather Bill Clinton worship (see article in Slate ).

D ie spinning the Americans. More specifically, the right political block spins in the USA.


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